Delivery, Rates And Payment

On-time delivery is one of most common measurements, but we not often talk difficult it is to measure.

A promise date is the date the service provider committed to meet. A required date is the delivery date desired by the client for their important translation document.

Translation House Services constantly deliver on time and assurance of accuracy at very reasonable prices. Delivery in the physical form, we offer the easiness of scanning service and delivering it in electronic format, such as Word, Exile, PDF, JPEG, TIFF and PNG as well as we will email the documents to the clients.

We make practice of the fixed prices for small documents however our rates are flexible and negotiable for the works of big volume. We may offer package cost, corporate rates on a long-term cooperation basis etc. based on your specific requirements. Though even the translation rates vary dependent on below listed factors they will still remain competitive and quite reasonable:

  • a) The requested language pair;
  • b) Subject / contents of the document/material to be translated;
  • c) Volume of work / number of pages;
  • d) Urgency of your order etc. Interpreting rates will also vary dependent on different factors.
  • A payment method is a standardized procedure for transferring the monetary amount for our service.

    Translation House Service offers a number of options to our clienteles for payment as follows:

    Cash by Hand

    Cash Account Deposit

    Cheque Account Deposit or by hand

    Western Union, DHL, TCS or any other

    Receipt of deposit or transfer should be provided by email (Scanned copy of payment deposit or by fax) or by hand.