Proofreading Service

In today's world, mainly the corporate world, it is imperative that all commercial and important documents read clearly and are free of errors. These errors include spelling, syntax, and punctuation. This is very important because companies want to make good impressions on their clienteles, other businesses, and potential clients. Documents which contain spelling, grammatical, or punctuation mistakes can negatively impact a business. Customers may look somewhere else for the service in search of a more qualified company.

In other words, a business' competence may be impacted by the smallest error in its written business and commercial documents.

Translation House and General Services focuses on improving superficial mistakes in spelling, sentence structure, punctuation, and formatting. Therefore, it normally happens at the end of the translation process or any other document writing as a finishing step before sending document which is otherwise ready to be printed.

When choosing a proofreading service mostly clients look for quality, cost and expedience. We go to great dimensions to make sure that our service remains unmatched in all over the United Arab Emirates. We provide Qualified and human proofreading by native language speakers.