Subtitling Servies

Translation House and General Services offers multilingual subtitling and captioning commercials, videos, DVD, and web-only videos, in over 75 languages and localized markets worldwide. Our clients depend on us for subtitles that are every bit as dramatic, informative and accurate as the original dialogue.

We know that translating accurate and meaningful subtitles is an art. Correctly handover the meaning of the source material also requires the creativity to familiarize, translation, and capture both the style and substance of the original content, while synchronizing the length of the translation to be legible by the audience. To customize each subtitling project to our customers' specifications, we offer a wide-ranging selection of fonts, text colour, styles, and effects.

Our esteemed expertise, coupled with advanced technology, enables the seamless incorporation of its various services into its customers' daily tasks.

Translation House and General Services captioning services include: real time and offline bilingual captions, multilingual subtitles, transcription, language translation, proofreading and editing.